24v 13ah Battery 350W 24 V 13AH battery pack 24V water bottle battery 15A BMS with 2A Charger Free customs fee

24v 13ah Battery 350W 24 V 13AH battery pack 24V water bottle battery 15A BMS with 2A Charger Free customs fee

Notice:This battery can use for 24V 100W—350W motor

Parts included:

1. 1pcs 24v 13ah Lithium Battery,15A BMS Built in

2. 1pcs 29.4V 2A Charger (With EU/US/UK/AU AC Charger plug we can offer )

3. Double key, discharge wire

Lithium battery specification:

Battery Model:24V 13Ah
Nominal Capacity (AH) :13ah
Nominal Voltage (V): 24V
Cell Source Resistance (mΩ) :within 40mΩ
Cell Specification :Use 3.7V 2600mah 18650 Cell
Cell Combination :5-parallel 7-series

Lifecycle:more than 800 cycles
Battery Size :380*92mm
Battery Weight : About 2.5kgs


Way of charge:CC/CV

Standard charge Current:2A

Max Continuous Charge Current:5A

Charge Cut-off Voltage: 29.4V

Cell Overcharge protection Voltage:4.2V

Charge Temperature Range :0 – 45°C


Max Continuous Discharge Current:15A

Peak Discharge Current:45A

Discharge Cut-off Voltage:20+/-1 V

Cell Overdisharge protection Voltage:3.0V

Discharge Temperature Range: -20 – 60°C

Safety Test:

Short Circuit Safety Test

Overcharge Safety Test

Crush Safety Test No fire, No explosion

Needing Safety Test

Extrusion Safety Test

High Temperature Safety Test

Applications: ·Electric Vehicles, such as E-bike, E-scooters,golf car, small-scale electric flat car, forklift, cleanness car, electric wheelchairs ·Electric boats, such as trolling fishing boat ·Robots for industries and military ·Remote data transfer system ·Satellite communication station ·Un-manned aircrafts ·Power tools, such as drilling, cutting and polishing tools ·Power supplier for Training systems, such as Torpedo Trainer ​

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