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Fruit Skewer Bottle

Product specification
Capacity: 750 ml
Material: Tritan food grade plastic
Weight: 165 G

This Bottle, better than lemon cup, than juice cup to health!

Fruit Skewer Bottle, can eat the fruit on the cup.It can be a pure water containing 750 mL of water bottles,

can also be a tea with the lemon cup, even it has the world’s unique string design, let the perfect cup turned into a healthy detoxification cup.

If you are still in love with the juice juice cup?

I want to say, it is time to care about more, is better than water to drink, more healthy water drainage than fruit juice. It will be our life towards health, this is a new healthy lifestyle!

Fruit bunch up bubble water, fruit nutrients in fully into the water, or use tea to block them. And a healthier water and do more stylish.

The fruit string soaked in water to drink, the fruits of different combinations have different effects. The nutrition and health, weight loss, beauty is not wasted.

Don’t drink water, can also be used as a salad cup, to the company or to eat wild, together string son would like to use chopsticks.

What kind of fruit you can literally collocation, different fruits have different tastes, the same is the only, is beneficial for our health.

After drinking water, we can also eat the fruit, eat up more easily

The product has the advantages of simple structure, comprises a cup body, kebabs, and tea strainer and a cup cover, it is worth mentioning that the cup cover above the white circle, can be used as a handle.

One side can be screwed up.

Can also be twisted together. In a word, it is convenient

Real scene graph

Product packaging

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