Molisu home Health fridge Fruit Vegetables food shoe wardrobe car O3 Ionizer disinfect Ozone generator Sterilizer Fresh Air Puri

Product color: white

Ozone: 3mg/h

Power Support: 4* AA batteries

Control mode: Manual

Timing range: 20min (auto loop)

LCD screen: no

Accessories: outer packing / specification / warranty card / certificate

Package weight:0.29Kg
Product Size: 120*75*60mm
Package Size:195*140*70mm

Function: sterilization, food preservation, odor elimination and intelligent control.

Product features:

1 in the refrigerator can perform complete sterilization and preservation of the refrigerator.

2 the use of the environment variety, such as shoe wardrobe pet nest can achieve sterilizing odor removal effect.

3 this product is the new development of the appearance of new colors.

4. For removal smell test, scallion, ginger, garlic and other small parts into the fresh-keeping bag produce peculiar smell and fresh-keeping bag is aligned with the export of N328,

Open the product function of ozone for 5 minutes, remove the odor.

5. Sterilization: This product generated ozone can in an instant to food, clearance of a variety of vegetables, fruit infected with Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus bacteria microbial, sterilization hit more than 96% and oxidative decomposition residues in fruits, vegetable pesticide, in addition to its toxicity.

6. Food preservation: ozone by killing bacteria on surfaces of fruits and vegetables, inhibit metabolism process of fruits and vegetables, delayed ripening and aging, prolong the food, fruit, vegetable expiration time.

7: ozone can quickly eliminate odor decomposition of anaerobic bacteria in the refrigerator, a variety of microorganisms from the breeding of peculiar smell and odor, avoid food series

Applicable scope:

Family, hotel etc.

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