TBJ-50 semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine Lipstick tube water bottie Plastic bottle glass bottle labeling machine



1, round bottle, round cans, cylinders and other Labeling

2, suitable for PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, round bottle labeling

3, widely used in cosmetics, beverages, food, medicine and other industries, greatly improving productivity and labeling quality

Product advantages:

1, for a wide range to meet the labeling cylinder diameter range 10-100mm

2, high labeling accuracy, end to end local label deviation ≤ ± 0.5mm

3, the ingenious extrusion device material, just put the workpiece, auto-complete labeling

4, using the chi-position adjustment, different parts labeling simple switch

5, using traction belt, greatly improving the mechanical stability

6, desktop design, lean, compact, powerful

7, using anodized aluminum frame and advanced computer white box, nice

8, the use of advanced electric eye, objects, high tag detection sensitivity.

Technical parameters

1. Labeling accuracy: ± 0.5mm (excluding tag artifacts error)

2. Efficiency: 25-50 pcs / min (depending on size of the workpiece

3, the inner diameter of the outer diameter of the roll ≤250mm: 76mm

4, the workpiece dimensions: diameter 10-150mm

5, label width 8-150mm, length, 15-315mm

6. Power: 220V 50HZ

7, motor power: 120w

8, machine size: 650 * 450 * 450mm

9, Weight: 25 kg

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